My Barefoot Conversation with Yogi and Writer Melanie Frome.

“Each of us is born with super powers” – Melanie Frome

As I write this introduction of the interview that I did with Melanie Frome in the early January, I am sitting in a little cottage in Findhorn Morayshire. My lovely friend Alisoun Mackenzie is here to do her first Ted talk and I have joined her for a fresh perspective and to be around the energy of the speakers. You can join us via the live stream via this link. I also wanted to update you about the Ageless Body Summit that I’m taking part in. (see the bottom of the post for that)

It was a fresh perspective for Melanie Frome that lead to her ‘wake up” moment in Germany 2010. This trip massively changed the course of her life. I have always been intrigued by the transatlantic connection between Scotland and Ireland and Northern America/ Canada ( yes also an Outlander fan ) and it was just wonderful discovering more about this remarkable woman who was born in Aberdeen then adopted by parents with whom she lived in England Germany and finally Canada. Her journey shows remarkable tenacity and commitment to self discovery and she shares the steps she took to take back her health and reclaim her inner power. Melanie like me believes we all have the capacity to make these changes for our our lives and it was so inspiring connecting deeper with her. This interview is definitely for you if you have ever had the thought  “this is all I deserve” or are terrified by the fear of rejection. Melanie is also working towards publishing her first novel and she shares some of the background to that and having had that sneak peak now of the first chapter – I can’t wait to read the rest!

I do hope you enjoy the conversation as much as we did.

With love from Findhorn.

until the next time.


As you may be aware I have taken part in a summit called Your Ageless Body- my interview with Tabitha Benway comes out on the 11th February (which is my 49th birthday – yeah!! so feels really aligned) as she closes the summit – I have got so much from listening to these interviews particularly the experts talking about female hormones and food as medicine and just wanted to remind you that you can still sign up – all interviews from the earlier part of the series will be available at the end for replay so you can still catch any that appeal – to sign up click on here!

Ready to claim back your power lets have a conversation simply fill out the coaching enquiry from here and we can take it from there. 

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