A Barefoot Conversation with Robin Rice: Author of Venus for a Day

Hello my dear barefoot readers

I hope the summer days are creating moments you can cherish, I will be heading out to the garden once I’ve finished here to do some more reading but I quickly wanted to tell you about two important things I’ve been working on along side my own writing journey.

Last week you will have received a short video  blog. This is part of a project that I have been playing with with one of my clients Ben Laing- who is a SEO consultant but also a dab hand at filmmaking it seems. Ben likes asking lots of questions so together we thought that each month or so we would pop up the camera he would ask his questions and I would give my perspective. The afternoon we spent at The Barefoot Sanctuary a few weeks ago was a lot of fun and I really believe in following the fun -so in total we have 20 or so short films in the bag and we will be sending them out weekly going forward…Fingers crossed we will send the next one out this Friday. I hope you like them and if you do it would be great to hear your thoughts or if you have questions you would like to add to his growing list email me on bernie@barefootambition.co.uk

And now onto  my second offering- Learning to follow my intuition is no doubt going to be my life’s work, and I am delighted to have discovered early in my journey (in my case an intuitive life begins at 40) by following said Intuition, the Novelist Author of  my favourite reads this year Venus for a Day- Robin Rice. 

After reading a post shared by a friend on Facebook several months ago- two clicks later I was looking at the photograph you see now and I just knew this woman had something special for me- Those that know me well know how much I love mythology and fantasy novels so imagine my delight when I discover this woman greatest pieces of written work even according to her, where of fiction and fantasy. Don’t underestimate however the powerful healing effects of a great story and telling great stories is what Robin seems to do effortlessly.

So what am I offering you here are 3 things- firstly  the link to her book Venus for a Day – if you like anything I do you will love this and I really believe it has a great healing gift for all that read it, and secondly a chance to listen in to a conversation with Robin that I recorded last week- popped here onto Soundcloud. 

And last but by no means least-If you want to find out more about her upcoming courses Train Your Inner Warrior go to www.robinrice.com.

In the meantime pop on the kettle pop in your ear phones and enjoy the wisdom of Robin Rice.


With love

Until the next time


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