Where could your barefoot ambition take you?  

If you have ever wondered where my brand name Barefoot Ambition comes from – wonder no more. Today I’ll share the story of where it began.

On the 5th July 2010 – I got up extra early from the holiday apartment of a hotel complex called the The Priory Bay Hotel on the Isle of Wight – We had gone for a family wedding and  extended our stay to a family holiday. It was 2 days after the wedding and as I rose I pulled on my shorts and a t- shirt and headed off  down through the grounds barefoot and on my own to discover the beach.

It was my daughters 9th birthday. I can remember vividly the feeling of anxiety that had stayed around me for months gradually disappearing and a feeling of calmness rose as I walked down through what felt like an almost tropical forest between the grounds and the beach in my bare feet. Birds were singing and the scent of the forest mixed with the promise of the sea was strong.

As I emerged out into the beach momentarily I felt akin to Robinson Crusoe but then looking up I could see Southampton in the distance with lots ships and speedboats already busy in their comings and goings on the bright blue sea.

My intention behind the early walk was to make a birthday message for my daughter on the beach with shells- a message that we would find together an hour later as we headed down supposedly for the first time.

As I gathered the shells, I suddenly became very aware of my bare feet, and found myself staring down at them. This may sound weird (hey a lot of what I say probably sounds weird) but it was as if I was on the verge of remembering something important to do with my feet and the sand. – something very important.  It was as if a memory from long ago was trying very hard to get through. I stood as still as I could – as if that would help it pop through but just as quickly as it came -the feeling left. However it left me wondering:

What did my barefoot clad younger self know that I had forgotten? What was her barefoot ambition?

She knew how to simply “BE’- she knew magic and mystery- she knew her imagination was limitless. She knew she was the very essence of joy and love. She knew her Divine self.

Her ambition was to simply ‘be’- to be happy to shine and to explore and be free. At this point of my life I can honestly say I felt the total opposite.

It would be exactly 2 weeks later that I found myself away from home in another place called The Priory- and I would understand that that moment of pause on the beach had been a vital step towards me being led to remember truly my divinity there.

This is what she is nudging me to remember always and to stay true to. When I forget- she is there to help me remember once more.

So what is the barefoot ambition of your younger self – what memory of being you might be a clue for you right now- what could it mean for you if you allow yourself to tap into the desires and imagination of your younger self?

Let your younger self take you there– let him or her show you a way of being that was most natural for you and allow yourself to take a barefoot step into those memories once again to recreate more of your own magic.

With so much love until tomorrow.


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