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My book baby is 6 months old – and some exciting news!

Greeting to you dear barefoot readers, from a somewhat frosty day in North Berwick- the sand was genuinely frosty as I went for my morning swim. But Six months ago, on a sunny warm day at the Detox Health Beauty Festival, which took place at Archerfield walled gardens, I launched my first book Permission To Shine . For the second year running despite days of rain and wind before, the sun shone on us all day long. The feedback I…
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How will you answer nature’s invitation this autumn?

Every couple of months, I write a post for our local magazine Local Life. In case you didn't know- The Editor of Local life, Kim Williams, was also the Editor of my first book Permission To Shine. If you haven't got your copy of Permission To Shine yet, you can do so either locally at Norden on the High Street in North Berwick, along I might add with the Permission To Shine card deck (as featured above). You can also…
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