Are you waiting for permission?


IMG_8427I’ve had a thing for poetry for such a long, long, time. I have poems tucked away in folders that I’ve written over the years. I love reading poetry to myself, and I really love reading it out loud, but it is something, that I’ve been waiting for outside permission, to do.  I’m now giving myself permission to do just that, so this weeks post, is where it’s happening.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed creating it, and more so, that it inspires you to start something that your heart is guiding you to do…

Please listen to your heart; what does it want you to create? and whose permission are you actually waiting for? because here is what I’ve become clearer on, the permission, you actually need:

 Can never come, from outside yourself….


Are you waiting for permission?

Are you waiting for permission,
to do what lights you up?
To hear it’s time, to hear that you’re Divine..

Are you waiting for permission to shine?

Are you waiting for permission to write that killer song
Or stay in bed and make love all day long…

Maybe you love painting; maybe it’s guitar,
or maybe it’s the desire, to wander afar?

Maybe, it’s to raise your hand and say,

‘hey look at me’

Or maybe it’s simply, permission to BE.

Whatever permission you seek, the answer is now clear,
permission is granted, once you overcome your fear.

Fear of being rejected, laughed at or deplored
may keep you feeling safe, but your heart will feel, ignored.

But, what if, fear is your signal, it’s a sign that you are near,
Just take one step after another, and all will become clear.

If you give yourself permission to have a little play
Allow your heart to guide you, listen to it say:

‘Explore my darling, you may!’.

The only permission that you ever need
is granted by your heart,

And it shines, the big green light
in the moment that you start!

Til the next time,

Bernie xx

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