Are you pushing in any way?

I get it, I really do, this human experience can be really tough. Of course we all camouflage our experience of it by thinking we can stay in the shallow waters, but at some point or other, the deep waters of life call us. Just like ships we were not built to stay in safe harbours.


So often the truth scares us and yet we ultimately we cannot ignore it’s pull. Like a golden thread of October, the desire to feel what is real for us will at all times be our constant – Why?


We can’t not live in our truth for very long.

We are just not made for lies. We can try and pretend of course, but our body just keeps sending protest message after protest message – it will not lie. We have made a pact before this game started, and it’s cast iron. Keep ignoring it and it will start to roar. The truth will always prevail. It will stand on all 4 legs, no matter what, eventually. First we feel it and then we either shut it down, which will eventually lead to the body roaring or we accept it and finally we own it.


If you have been reading this blog for a while, I’m trusting that for moments at least like me you will have tasted this feeling – Does this feel true for you?


– it’s never actually as dark when you are true to who you are – pushing against that always feels darker.

It feels weird to pretend, and yet failing to play this game is really difficult for us because when we forget to lean on the God in our hearts, calling time on it feels harder. When you do (in which ever shape, form or size) step into your truth, you become the hope, when you hold the torch of your light so brightly others cannot resist the urge to and follow you in their walk towards their truth, and each time one of us else steps into our truth others are given permission, and courage to step into theirs all the more.


But how can it hurt less, how can I walk in my truth more often I hear you ask? This was the answer that I received this week to that same question.


Stop pushing, stop pushing, my love if you are pushing in any one single aspect of your daily life as a human being today, no matter how insignificant it might seem, it’s time to stop, as it is this very ‘pushing’ is what causes you to suffer’.

I’m beginning to see that when we stop pushing in 1 way we may actually stop pushing in everyway. Let your breath and the guidance deep inside your body guide you onwards, ever more in everything that you do. Nature never pushes, so let’s dance with nature, and slow everything, and I mean everything that we think we need to push on through.


Getting the kids to bed, giving birth to a human life or a new project, going to the loo, (I kid you not!) eating food, answering emails…


Pay attention to all the things you do, and ask yourself:


Does this feel like pushing?

Instead, give yourself a human break already and let’s just slow it all right, right down, and this time instead of pushing, breathe and let go!


Breath deeply and in doing so you connect to the real breath that never stops, the eternal you – a miracle of matter – an essential un-diminishable part of the whole Universal pulse – and be content with the mystery that is unfolding.


What if we don’t actually have to know all the answers, what if we just have to get out of our own way so that we can receive the guidance, enjoy the journey, by letting go of the baggage bit by bit and breathing in this life as it is deeply.

No one is actually ahead, we are all in this together spinning in this evolutionary expansion, it’s all perfect, and when you connect with the energy of the ‘I am’ you feel that too, resistance slips away entirely and that feels so much better….


This is what takes effort, this is the real work, staying in connection with this breath, this pulse, letting go of who we think we need to be and trusting, trusting, that things will become…


This is this way back home.

Breathing ever more deeply.



Bernie x

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B x

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