A Moment of Divinity



Hello my dear readers,

I know it’s been a wee while since my daily blogs stopped- I do look forward to coming back to them. In the meantime The Book Permission to Shine is still very much underway. Thank you for all the nudges and check ins – you are the best accountability buddies ever!

I am writing to you today  because of two things- For those of you who loved the Good Vibrations radio show but couldn’t listen live or those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about but fancy a listen – I’m attaching the link to all the shows we managed to record over the last wee while. There are some real gems and I was always blown away by my guests willingness to open up and how much joy they got from pulling together their top Good Vibrations.

As many of you know I put a considerable amount of time into my weekly radio show at Radio Saltire called Good Vibrations but in the spirit of letting the Divine guide me this too has now come to a halt- clearing the decks is definitely an essential part of getting this book done. I do love audio and have a podcast idea in the mix for later in the year so if this is something that interests you do let me know!

The Guests included a host of inspirational folk so do take a peak and listen in. Included in the line up are many barefoot Speakers past and pending –  Lester Smulski our next Barefoot speaker who I will actually be interviewing on the 28th June had a great show last year and a whole bunch of local heart centred entrepreneurs. A special thanks needs to go out to my dear friend Christel Rosenkilde Christensen and baby Chloé for making the last show so very special. It really was a total blast and proof to me that we can do something that we secretly desire but also scares us.

Later in the summer I will be taking part in the Fringe by the Sea with my interviewing hat on once again and that is with former Good Vibrations guest and Local Author Neil Francis- you can find his show on here too- and book your seat in the Spiegel tent audience via this fringe online booking system.  As well as the Monday Meditation class I now run at Barefoot I will also be running some meditation classes at the Fringe by the Sea check them out for the little ones here and for you here.


The second reason for writing was to share this little ordinary sacred Divine moment- Last Tuesday was my first non radio morning and I thinks it’s pretty cool that the experience I had happened on that day. I was sitting in the Fruit Market cafe waiting to meet a new contact having just finished off some admin stuff in the extra time I had before she came. Let’s face it -In the mad searching for inner peace I am still one of the many who get caught up in my head -in my message -in my purpose and then suddenly when I least expect it– I must just surrender to the moment and the Divine takes full control of my mind.  Sitting in that cafe in the few seconds of that essential breath I reopening my eyes and it was through her Divine eyes that I now could see-  it was through her heart that I felt and all at once everything was perfect.

Sitting in the fruit market gallery in the presence of that breath I saw once again the beauty of my fellow coffee drinkers- each and every one an incredible being of light- the feeling was almost overwhelming and in that moment I realised yet again there was no need to pretend to push to think – just simply the need to be – be present – be loving – be me.

Thank you to the Divine for opening my eyes once more and letting me see the perfection that surrounds me daily. Our spiritual awakening will never be found in a text or in a theory – it is always in the experience of simply being immersed in this wondrous life and most important we are always shinning more brightly that we know.

With so much love to you all – happy listening happy living..

Interested in classes and events at Barefoot? click right here! 

The Barefoot Interview with Hynotherapist Lester Smulski- ‘Playing with the impossible and making it real. 28th June 2018. Book here.


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