Its vital to enjoy your resting place.

Yesterday I wrote about doubt and the view our Divine self can see and it reminded me of another blog post I had written some time ago. As as it happens I later drew a flower about it.  So I thought for those of you who are new to the blog who won’t have seen it and as a follow on to yesterday today was the perfect time for this one- I really do value the resting place..

One day as I started a fairly regular climb up our local hill, called The Law I found myself chuckling. A new sign has been popped up at the start of the trail. It says ‘Summit Path’ with an arrow pointing in the correct direction- clearly there to guide newbies in the right direction.

The reason for the chuckle is that The Law as it’s known locally is I believe less than 200 metres/700 feet to the top. It takes 15/20 minutes to get to ‘The Summit. This is not to be underestimated mind- I puff and pant every time I climb it and by the end of this particular climb I would have come to think of ‘the summit’ somewhat differently.

When I think back to other much bigger hills/munros I have scaled I have to admit to being a very grumpy climber. “Are we there yet? This is hard.”

I had definitely not remembered back then, that I have chosen this life, and that those hills were my powerful teachers.  I think about that young woman often and so seeing this sign made me giggle all the more. Boy oh boy I use to make things really hard for myself and whilst I’ve improved in this it- I can still make things harder than they need to be.

Can you relate to making life hard?

After I had been climbing for about 10 minutes I became lost in thought. It happens every time so when I looked up and I saw that I was off track it took me a few seconds to find a path again and be able to see the summit once more. I had before this point rested for a few seconds here and there but with new focus I made a final non stop push to the top.

Then I reached ‘The Summit’. Once there I received the message that I’m sharing with you now.

When you get to the actual top of a climb without question that is thee resting place. It is from there that you get to see an expanded view of your world and there is no more climbing to do. You just have to be with it. You cannot physically climb any higher.

This is just like our spiritual journey. If we ignore the resting place and are constantly climbing- climbing- climbing- we are never actually being at peace with who we are where we are and well in that place of striving- we are kind of missing the point. This is not the same as needing to move out of your comfort zone.

Each time I climb The Law I let more baggage go. When I get to the top I see something new and so each time I have a new level of understanding about my life,but, and this is the point of todays blog:

I’m a different version of me each time I climb there is no need for the Law to get bigger – The expansion happens on the inside.

When I get to the top there is no more climbing to be done that day on that hill of doubt. I need to focus on the resting place, and then I reconnect with my current life and see it through this new lens.

I encourage you to climb your hill of doubt, and only climb it when you want to. I encourage you to take breaks on the way, but when you get to the place that feels like a for now resting place-rest!

Rest in it- savour the life you see below it. Appreciate all that it is showing you and in that moment of acceptance and appreciation you will discover that you will have expanded just perfectly.

You will be climbing this hill of doubt again and again for ever more – but only because you want to, and remembering that will make all the difference.

With love until tomorrow.

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