One to One Coaching

This is for those committed to REAL CHANGE and ACTION and you have found this site because you know you deserve an wholesome authentic life, you know you have a lot to give to the world and you are ready for someone to guide you towards the version of you that gives you goosebumps.

A feeling inside you is nudging you, to remember, that you are part of something much, much, bigger.

YOU are the Creator, but you just need some help to create the life you truly deeply desire.

Does a Group Coaching experience appeal?

I offer the  See Your Future workshop regularly throughout the year This is a creative group session max 10 people where you will  create a powerful vision board  revealing what your Soul truly desires. See what others have had to say via the testimonials.

One to one?

I run my 1-1 sessions from The Barefoot Sanctuary in person or for distance clients, via Skype or telephone. Face to face sessions also take place out in nature, either on the beach or around our local hill The Law, and a session lasts 1 hour 30 minutes.

Like life, coaching is a ‘process’, and again like life, what you put into it, you get out of it, so that part, will depend on you too.

My commitment is to be there fully with you in the ‘present  moment’, to help you find the answers, solutions, creativity, that you are searching for…So are you ready to embrace your NESS? Are you ready to give yourself permission to shine?

Currently I work with people over a 6-9 month period (for that please fill in the coaching enquiry form) Click here to complete the Coaching Enquiry Form… 

NEW!! I am  now offering these one off colour sessions usually reserved for the group work. In these fun but powerful 1-1 colour sessions we let your essence shine through…

One to One colour session with Bernie Petrie.

How we show up in this world on a day to day basis in the clothes we wear , is steered by how we feel about ourselves. I believe we all have colours and tones that are so unique to us that reflect our very Soul Essence and we need to remember what they are. In this 90 minute session I use this simple but powerful tool help you see your own natural unique beauty so that can go on to Colour your life in your own way. This is a wonderful safe gentle introductory session for those looking to feel better about themselves and see instant results .Session includes colour analysis, and your own colour guide book. Book a slot in the link below.

Click here to complete the Coaching Enquiry Form…