Tap into the stillness this Christmas.

As I write this post, it’s Wednesday night and a movie called Divergent has come on in the background. I’m sitting in the open plan part of our home, just like life so many different moments happening at once, hey ho! There is bound to be a thread here I’m meant to use, but I’m a rubbish multi tasker so I’ll get on with this and then tune in as I’m curious as to what the clue will be.

There is that end of term feeling in our house. No uniforms for 2 weeks, and only 1 more “it’s time to get up” and despite having quite a bit of things to do before we host Christmas for the Petrie family, on Christmas day, my shoulders have dropped in a way that feels really, really, good. The challenge over the next few days of course is to come back to this feeling more often.

Right now this level of acceptance and peace is upon me, and I always love it when I revisit that experience. I’ve noticed over the last 6 weeks that I feel a bit like this each Wednesday, as it marks the competition of another Good Vibrations Show, (more on that soon). The puzzle is why do I chose to ever leave it. This is my very own human madness. Does it feel like yours too?

How are your shoulders feeling right now? Breathe in this sentence and then recheck them for me:

You are exactly where you are meant to be right now, nothing has gone wrong, you are loved, you are here right now with whatever is on your plate for a very valid reason- you can handle it, trust the process called life, trust the bigger picture. This is what you came here for.

Take another deep breath, that feels better doesn’t it?

I believe Christmas is a great time for you to receive love and send out love, (first and foremost from yourself of course, then it’s a win win) and it’s a really valuable time to reflect, pause, recalibrate and chose to do things the way you now really want to do things going forward.

The smallest changes can and will make over the course of your entire life an enormous difference. In fact the smallest changes are what lead you to a completely different experience. It’s the smallest changes that lead you back onto your own yellow brick road. That can be both bad and good news because we have to then take responsibility and give more importance to the small things, because small things grow and snowball and we have to decide which kind of snowball we want to create, one that feels good because you are sitting on top of it having a ball or one that flattens you well and truly in it’s wake.

So what do you actually want this Christmas, and future Christmas’s to feel like? Even though it’s almost upon us -you do have the power- heck come on -you are the power.

You can change or tweak something- your perspective- your thoughts-your words-your vibration, that will make how you spend this Christmas and how you spend 2017 feel more like coming home.

So pause, reflect, dream, re choose:

This life is NOT and I repeat NOT a ‘fait accompli’. It’s your human experience your creation, your movie. You are the director, you are the producer, you are the star.

Less than 8 weeks ago, I gave the monthly Barefoot Talk, titled, ‘Following your own yellow brick road. (they restart again on 26th january 2017) I get pretty personal in this one, heck when don’t I? but as it’s also been recorded I have to admit I feel quite nervous about posting it up on the channel. Doing the talk has given me a lot of clarity about my message and given me a better sense of focus for 2017 for how I want things to feel across the board in this human experience, and how I want to coach people. I’ve attached it here for you now, eek! The feedback after the live talk blew me away, it made it so worthwhile, and its why I’m sharing it here with you, because of course my story is always someone else story too. So if while watching this, the message resonates with you, I would love to hear from you what your ‘golden thread’ might be. You can also watch Faith Canter’s Barefoot Talk now too “How to have a magic Christmas” as Faith was our November speaker so a double treat!

After today I am shutting things down here online and at The Barefoot Sanctuary for the next 2 weeks, because despite the lack of posts over last 4 weeks have been super busy, hence the dropped shoulders I reckon. Some of you may have noticed that I have delved into the world of radio, by becoming a Volunteer Radio presenter on Radio Saltire with a show called Good Vibrations, as mentioned above. For the last 6 Wednesday’s from 2-4pm with my amazing co-pilot and dear friend Lisa Johnson, we have been deep in the radio show creation and presenting learning curve. You can listen to a few of the first recordings on Mix Cloud and shows will be played again in the schedule over the festive period, so check the station out! and we will be back in January 2017 with a whole new series.

Now that we are more in tune with the technical challenges, and I have a better hang on the time spent preparing for each show, ( hours and hours so far) I am very much looking forward to doing a lot more writing in 2017 and running more live workshops. Two Barefoot workshops are actually happening this January, we are starting as we mean to go on committed to this inner work, so See Your Future is on 14th January and The Love Cherish workshop has been rescheduled for the 28th 29th January. There are spaces still available for both but these are very limited, as the events are small but powerful. If you are really wanting to dive deeper into living in alignment with your Soul, but have not yet experience one of my events take a peak here.

We also kick off the Barefoot talks again on the 26th January, I am super excited about them too for 2017 and both classes and coaching resume week commencing 9th January.

But right now I am choosing to breathe in this precious thing called life, I am going to focus on a world that is becoming more awake, more compassionate, and braver. I am working more consciously on being all of that too. I am looking for it, and of course it is right here, all for the taking- this is what we came for.

I’ve just realised that the movie that is playing, Divergent is the first of a trilogy I refer to in my talk and so the reminder, the clue is this:

‘Be brave- this fear, it’s about something that really isn’t real’.

Love and courage and Happy Christmas.


psst…Ready for the 1-1 experience, check in with your body, if it feels good, do the questionarre and I’ll be in touch. New Coaching appointments available week commencing 16th January 2017, either face to face or by Skype. Please consider sharing this post if a names pops into your head send it on, they may be most grateful that you did! xx

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