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Love and Cherish Journal £15.00

Too often days go by without our full attention and because of that so many beautiful moments are potentially missed or even forgotten. So when the day comes around, and it will, when you feel just that bit more funky out of sorts and low you don’t have the ability to recall the moments that could shift that funky feeling much quicker. That’s why I have created and use this journal daily. I hope you love filling it with your magic moments.

The Love  and Cherish Journal- a new home for your thoughts dreams and appreciations. Make it your own special healing place and scribble down the things you love and cherish on a daily basis – the memories – the cherished moments and the many love letters from your inner wisdom. I have created this journal as a powerful self love coaching tool. Following my major wake up call in 2010 – a journal became my constant companion. Appreciating the life that I had and who I was became a daily practice. If you adapt this practice for 30 days in a row-I assure you will look at your life through a different more positive lens.

Once you have made your purchase you will automatically receive bonus guidance on how to release the inner critic and how to tap into that inner wisdom that you have deep inside of you.

Journals cost £15.00 plus P&P- Purchased via the Paypal link below. 

See Your Future Workshop £55.00(includes materials and refreshments)

Join Me Bernie Petrie, The Soul’s Life Coach, and Creator of The Barefoot Sanctuary for The Creative Playshop, on Saturday 16th September at The Barefoot Sanctuary, where you will create a powerful vision/vibration board to take you into your future. This is a powerful process that I am now committed to going through 3 times a year, and I invite you to join me for this Life and Soul enhancing experience.  Read More…

The Barefoot Retreat £197.00 (includes refreshments and handouts)

Are you searching for happiness?

As we approach the end of 2017 we invite you to explore the following questions-

Where is happiness? Do you feel it’s presence as much as you would like or does it feel like you are constantly searching for it? No sooner do you think you have found it, than it’s on the move again. Have you ever thought there must be more to life? Is happiness really so elusive? Read More…