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8 Week Mindfulness Course -Led by Angela McCusker -Fundraising Event For Classroom of Hope Project

January 27 - March 17


This Course now starts on January 27th and runs through until March 17th 2019.

Full price of course £195.00

Concession price £135.00

Taster session on 13th January 2019 £10.00


We are raising funds to build a school in Cambodia – take part in this Course and you can be part of it! All monies go to the project to help us hit our target of £35,000.


Try before you buy at our final mindfulness taster session running on  January 13th. Suggested donation for each taster session is £10.

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The Barefoot Sanctuary and Angela McCusker present – the highly acclaimed 8 week Mindfulness Course which could transform your life and in the process help transform the lives of children currently unable to get to school in Cambodia.

We are part of a fundraising team set up by our dear friend Alisoun Mackenzie and our team goal is to reach a target of £35,000 to make this school possible. You can find out more about Classroom of Hope the organisation we are working with to make this possible by clicking here. 

This unique course will run from 27th January 2019 running for 8 Sunday’s from 7-9pm through to March 17th 2019.

“The mindfulness programme was transformational; I think more clearly and have more creativity. It makes you think in a completely different way and gives some really tangible tools that work – I would definitely recommend it” Bonnie Clarke, MD, Badenoch and Clark

“The course is something that will stay with me for life; I feel much calmer and happier” Karen.


So What is Mindfulness? 

Mindfulness is defined as: “Being present in the moment without preference or judgement”

Easier said than done! During this course we will explore exactly what that means and learn to be more present in our lives. As we might go to the gym for physical fitness, mindfulness is about fitness of the mind.

Mindfulness is about living in the present, about being more awake and alive to our lives rather than operating from a sort of ‘automatic pilot’ in which we can be cut off from our experience.

Training in, and practicing mindfulness, normally allows individuals to respond to, rather than react to situations. It allows us to build deeper relationships with our colleagues and ourselves.

Mindfulness is about a way of ‘being’. It is not a ‘quick fix’ and takes time, practice and patience.

“I am now aware of the real value of mindfulness in terms of managing day to day tasks but also in terms of leading others and myself” Michelle


You will learn:

  • Techniques to handle stress effectively
  • To be more present in your life, really enriching it
  • How to have better relationships at home and at work
  • How to have compassion for yourself and others
  • How to manage your inner critic

“Angela was terrific! She has helped open the door for me to living and enjoying a happier life. Not many courses do that!” Malcolm

Benefits of mindfulness


Benefits for the Individual:

  • Reduces stress leading to health benefits
  • Improved cognitive flexibility and creativity
  • Generally higher levels of well-being
  • Able to deal with our emotions better
  • Greater compassion for self and others; enhanced empathy for others
  • Increased focus and concentration
  • Improved listening skills
  • Reduces distraction
  • Increased calmness and peacefulness
  • Increases serotonin levels which influence mood and behaviour. Low serotonin is associated with depression, headaches and insomnia
  • Provides peace of mind and improves happiness
  • Leads to greater tolerance
  • Increases personal resilience

Benefits for the organisation/individual at work:

  • Improves cognitive flexibility and ability to focus
  • Improves concentration and creativity
  • Reduced cost of staff absenteeism from stress, illness and injury
  • Enhanced employee job satisfaction
  • Improved productivity and improved overall staff and business well being
  • Employee engagement is linked to employee health: meditation has health benefits therefore can lead to improved employee engagement
  • Enhanced client and employer/employee relationships

Aims & Objectives

The key aims and objectives of a Mindfulness course are:

  • To learn and understand what mindfulness is, and how practicing mindfulness can help in everyday life
  • To help build resilience through learning proven mindfulness tools and techniques and embedding these into participants’ daily work life.
  • To improve focus and allow participant’s to concentrate fully on their tasks.
  • To improve relationships at home and at work
  • To reduce levels of stress, creating a greater sense of wellbeing for individuals.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the Mindfulness course, participants will:

  • Feel calmer and less stressed
  • Have better relationships with themselves and others
  • Feel better equipped to cope with heavy workloads and demanding deadlines.
  • Have a greater capacity for tolerance at home and at work
  • Have more resilience against stressful situations.
  • Have enhanced compassion for themselves and others

Doing this course really is a win win situation for all concerned!


Angela McCusker BA, CA, MBA, MSc- Angela is an inspirational coach working with leaders on her transformational Mindfulness for Leaders programme. She has 30 year’s experience as a senior executive in the private, public and third sectors.

Angela has over 25 years experience working in the private, public and third sectors. After qualifying as a chartered accountant, she worked in the sports industry for 15 years, initially as Financial Controller for Reebok UK Limited and latterly as International Finance Director for Ellesse International Limited, part of The Pentland Group plc.

Since leaving Ellesse International, she has developed a portfolio of interests, including Non Executive Director positions including 6 years at The Student Loans Company. She is currently Chair at Angus and Dundee College; is  a NXD at Electoral Reform Services Limited; and is a Trustee of  both Firstport and Investing Women

She recently completed her Masters in Mindfulness, and is now a sought after speaker on Mindfulness for Leaders, which was the subject of her dissertation.  She is an inspirational coach, with many clients are finding that mindfulness has become an integral part of that process – with transformational results.

She is teaching mindfulness with teams in organisations and on a 1:1 basis with Directors, where participants are finding the programme transformational.  She is passionate about the difference mindfulness can make having experienced a transformation in her own life, and seeing the transformation in others.

“I am a lot less stressed and feel calmer.  I think my work has become more organised and I can now focus on one task before starting another. I am calmer and more tolerant of others. I think before I act” Aileen

“I’m more conscious of myself and am more compassionate to others.” Neil


(Picture is of one of the successfully completed projects in Cambodia by Classroom of Hope)

“It’s transformed the way I think and feel about life and my passage through it. I feel better placed at being able to deal with the challenges and stresses that face us each day.” Jan


So hopefully you can see that this course really is a win win opportunity -you Simply Book your place by clicking the link below and thank you for helping this vision become a reality!

Love from Bernie and Angela and the rest of the Fundraising team.


Ticket options

Love the idea but can’t make it and would still like to donate – no problem – simply click here and make your donation. 


January 27
March 17


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